EVA Analysis: Back to basics – Why we need to revive the bourgeois enterprise

In the aftermath of the financial crises of 2008 free enterprise was once again seen as a failure. However, the current economic crises makes it clear that Big Government is not the answer to our economic woes. Professor Paul Lillrank argues that the answer is bourgeois enterprise. But in order to do that, the bourgeoisie must find its way back to the basic virtues of entrepreneurial capitalism: prudence, courage, hope and love.

The core strenghts of bourgeois mentality are its central precepts of value creation, innovation, accumulation of material and intellectual capital, and a perception that man should get what he deserves through the appreciation given by others in the market.

Professor Lillrank’s advice for friends of entrepreneurial capitalism is: “Speak out.” The bourgeois mentality needs to be represented and articulated better in political debate. Currently the bourgeoisie is pitted against the rest in the struggle between different political mentalities.

Back to basics