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If you have any questions about EVA think tank or our publications, please contact communications manager Heini Larros. To get in contact with our experts, please find their contact information here.

Our latest publications in English, you can find here.

Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA is a pro-market think tank – Aiming to promote the long-term success of the Finnish society. EVA aims to impact current public debate through the production of informed opinions and knowledge, and by proposing reforms to political decision-makers.

Founded in 1974, EVA is a non-profit association. The members of Elinkeinoelämän valtuuskunta EVA ry (Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA) are the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK), the Confederation of Finnish Industry and Employers (TT) Fund, Finance Finland, the Finnish Commerce Federation, Finnish Forest Industries, and Technology Industries of Finland. EVA works in close cooperation with ETLA Economic Research.

The Chairman of the Board of EVA and the Forum is Carl Haglund.