Senior Fellows

EVA Fellows are respected and distinguished experts in societal issues, eager to learn and capable of analysing the Finnish society and business community. They form a national and international network of experts who help to promote debate and availability of information on topics related to Finnish business and society. EVA Fellows are active in the sectors of politics, economy and/or research.

EVA Fellowship is built around different co-operative projects. For example, EVA Fellows participate often in writing the EVA Reports. EVA Fellows are selected for one year at a time.

EVA Senior Fellows 2010 are Bo-Erik Ekström, Pekka Haavisto ja Mika Pohjonen.

Bo-Erik Ekström is a management advisor specializing in regional economics. He is the author of “Will Helsinki be Saved: A globalization Strategy for Municipalities” (2004), as well as numerous analyses on city-specific businesses and city finances. Ekström also participated in EVA’s ‘Municipalities and Markets’-initiative.

Pekka Haavisto is Member of Parliament and the Foreign Minister’s special representative in African crises. Haavisto is the author of the EVA Report “Searching the star of Africa”, which was published in April. Haavisto is a former Minister for Environment and Development and has also acted as the European Union Special Representative (EUSR) for Darfur.

Mika Pohjonen, Specialist Partner at law firm Hannes Snellman OY, is an expert in public procurement and competition law. He has a background in market courts, and written and lectured widely on public procurement. Pohjonen is part of EVAs ‘Municipalities and Markets’-initiative.

2009 Senior Fellows:

Management advisor Bo-Erik Ekström and Specialist Partner Mika Pohjonen continued as EVA Fellows in 2009. Among EVA’s new partners were University of Chicago law professor Anu Bradford, management consultant Jack Ilmonen, Principal Anna Granskog and technology leader Sakari Puisto.