For the first time ever, EVA EXPAT FORUM brought together foreign professionals and experts working in Finland. Over 500 participants from 61 countries gathered at the National Opera House to discuss how to make Finland a better place to live for foreign professionals and their families.

The foreign professionals working in Finland had the main role at the event. Ten speakers from all over the world held short speeches on living and working in Finland, challenges of relocating a family and the difficulties of breaking into Finnish social and professional networks. The speakers included among others Mr Arkady Moshes (Russia), Ms Surya Santhi (India), Ms Yuan Karppanen (China) and Mr John Simon (USA).

In EVA EXPAT FORUM’s panel discussion Mr Arto Nyberg chaired a discussion on “How to make Helsinki region a better place for expats”. The participants of the discussion were Mr Kenneth Greve, Ms Suzanne Innes-Stubb and Minister of Labour Anni Sinnemäki. The main topics of the conversation included the need of English schools, the Finnish language requirements at work places and challenges of Finnish immigration procedures.

The participants were welcomed to EVA EXPAT FORUM by Mr Jorma Ollila, the Chairman of Finnish Business and Policy Forum, and by Mr Alexander Stubb, the Minister for Foreign Affairs. The event was chaired by Mr Risto Penttilä, the director of Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA. EVA EXPAT FORUM was organised in cooperation with Greater Helsinki Promotion and Helsinki Times.