Safe in the EU

In the beginning of 2004, the international stage is full of different development paths, conflicts and new openings. The European Union is facing the biggest expansion in its history. At the same time, the EU’s internal structures and ways of operating are being reformed. Terrorism and war in Iraq are being widely discussed.

New players, not least China, are ascending to the global economic stage.

International environmental agreements are now a burning topic of conversation. The question of military alliance for Finland stimulates some lively exchanges of views amongst Finns.

What do Finns think about the position of their country and about general international questions in these turbulent times? What is their attitude to Finland’s membership of the European Union as the ten-year anniversary of joining approaches? In the opinion of the people, how should Finland’s security and defence policy be carried out? Is globalisation a threat or an opportunity?

These questions and many more are answered in EVA’s survey gauging Finnish attitudes to international issues. It is a continuation of the series or surveys started up in 1992 charting attitudes towards integration. The scope of the survey has been expanded outside the framework of the EU to other questions on international policy and economics. This report is in Finnish.

Attachment: 422_turvassa_eussa.pdf