What do you think, Finland?
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What do you think, Finland?

This is the first book ever to review all the results of separate research programmes since they began in 1984 (pilot study in 1982). The results are also examined and interpreted from a present-day perspective. The studies contain Finnish attitudes on such matters as politics and political parties, civic society, the economy, working life, the environment, the Finnish identity, internationalisation, the European Union, Finnish regional development and differences in attitudes between the different sections of the population. The book concludes with the authors’ discussion of the future trends in Finnish attitudes.

In addition to text, the book also presents about 200 diagrams of EVA’s research into attitudes from 1984 to 2002.

What expectations does the nation have about politics and its choices of values? What sort of attitude should be adopted towards the reform of working life and the welfare state? How have environmental attitudes developed over the years? Is Finnish identity crumbling or strengthening? What is the Finnish attitude to the rapid internationalisation process of the past two decades? What matters were topical when Finland joined the European Union and what do people think of the EU now? How strong is the tension between the towns and the countryside? The report is in Finnish.

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