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(suomi) Maliranta-podcast: Onko perustulo vihreiden epärealistinen mantra, Antero Vartia?

Friday, 24.3.2017  , News

Kuinka populistinen Suomen evankelisluterilainen kirkko on? Kuuluko kapitalismi kirkkoon? Miksi Suomessa kateus ei ole synti? Millainen piispa Teemu Laajasalo olisi? Apusen vieraana on Kallion seurakunnan kirkkoherra, Helsingin seurakuntayhtymän johtaja ja Helsingin piispanvaalin ehdokas Teemu Laajasalo. Laajasalo tiivisti ohjelman lopuksi 140… READ MORE »

Europe under pressure – Europe’s and Finland’s options after Brexit

Tuesday, 20.12.2016  Analysis, Publication, News

Britain's withdrawal from the EU will weaken the Union and change the power relations of the member states. In the EU, Britain has been a leader among countries in favour of market oriented policies and free trade. With Britain's departure, EU's policies are likely to become less market oriented. Read more in EVA Analysis Europe under Pressure. READ MORE »

EVA Attitude and Value Survey 2014: Finns’ opinions on the EU remain fairly positive

Thursday, 27.3.2014  Publication, Reports, News

Although support for EU membership has declined slightly from last year, Finns’ attitudes towards EU membership have remained fairly positive. Four out of ten (42%) respondents relate positively towards EU membership, one third (31%) neutrally and one fourth (24%) negatively…. READ MORE »

Towards the top – This is how women work in corporate management teams

Tuesday, 15.10.2013  NewsElinkeinoelämä, EVA, Elinkeinoelämän Valtuuskunta, talous, politiikka, talouspolitiikka

Women are still in the minority in companies' management teams, but their share is growing. Currently, three out of ten (31 %) decision-makers in companies' management teams are women, says a recent survey by the Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA. READ MORE »

EVA Analysis: Back to basics – Why we need to revive the bourgeois enterprise

Tuesday, 20.8.2013  Analysis, Publication, NewsElinkeinoelämä, EVA, Elinkeinoelämän Valtuuskunta, talous, politiikka, talouspolitiikka, yrittäjyys

In the aftermath of the financial crises of 2008 free enterprise was once again seen as a failure. However, the current economic crises makes it clear that Big Government is not the answer to our economic woes. Professor Paul Lillrank argues that the answer is bourgeois enterprise. But in order to do that, the bourgeoisie must find its way back to the basic virtues of entrepreneurial capitalism: prudence, courage, hope and love. READ MORE »

EVA Analysis: Symptoms of an infection – This is what business leaders think about 19 elements of Finnish competitiveness

Monday, 17.6.2013  NewsFinnish Business and Policy forum EVA, Finland, think tank, economy

Finland's competitiveness is being weakened by an infection. When competitiveness is divided into 19 elements, corporate decision-makers think that only five of them can be regarded as strengths in international competition. EVA measured the elements of competitiveness in a survey answered by 1 260 business leaders. EVA Analysis is written by director Matti Apunen (EVA) and researcher Mika Pajarinen (Etlatieto). READ MORE »