Finns are turning towards the EU for stability

Finns are turning towards the EU for stability

More than half of the Finns hope that the British will revoke their decision to leave the EU. An even greater portion, 65 % hopes that no other member countries withdraw from the EU. Results are from Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA´s Value and Attitude Survey 2017.

Finns feel that the world and the international situation have become difficult to predict. The actions of Russia and the United State arouse suspicion in more and more people. In a situation like this, Finns are turning towards the EU for stability. The majority, 55 % of Finns want to stay in the EU and do not wish for other countries to leave the union either.

However, the number one cause of concern for Finns regarding the EU is not Britain’s exit, but rather other countries leaving the EU as well. The exit of other member countries, for instance France, would be seen as positive by 16 per cent of respondents and unfortunate by 65 per cent.

Finns are clearly worried of an uncontrolled domino-effect: the withdrawal of a few countries could easily lead to a situation where others also begin to question whether membership has more downsides than upsides. Concern increases among population groups as education levels increase and decrease as respondents’ ages become higher.

Finns’ perceptions of Russia have become distinctly more negative from the previous year. Only 35 per cent agree with the statement that ”Although Russia has its own problems, Finns have no reason to have a negative attitude towards their large neighbour nowadays”. Some 47 per cent disagree. Attitudes towards Russia have shifted by as much as 14 percentage points in a more negative direction.

One reason for the colder attitudes may be found in Russia’s actions in global politics. Only 6 per cent are of the opinion that Russia’s actions internationally are justified and are also worthy of Finns’ support. Some 70 per cent of Finns do not condone Russia’s actions, and the majority of all groups of the population condemn them.

And if there is little acceptance for our neighbouring country’s actions among Finns, there is indeed no support for the United States either. A clear majority of Finns, 66 per cent, believe that war and conflict in the world will increase with President Trump’s administration in power.

EVA Attitude and Value Survey 2017


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