EVA Analysis: Symptoms of an infection – This is what business leaders think about 19 elements of Finnish competitiveness

Finland’s competitiveness is being weakened by an infection. When competitiveness is divided into 19 elements, corporate decision-makers think that only five of them can be regarded as strengths in international competition. EVA measured the elements of competitiveness in a survey answered by 1 260 business leaders. EVA Analysis is written by director Matti Apunen (EVA) and researcher Mika Pajarinen (Etlatieto).

The results indicate that Finland’s main strenghts are property rights and the pre-university education system.

By far the greatest problem is deemed to be labour market rigidities in hiring new workers. Wages are not flexible enough with respect to productivity or market conditions.

Large companies see the situation much more positively than small ones. Companies with operations abroad think the situation is better.

EVA’s survey is based on a method used by Harvard Business School in their study in 2011.

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