Apply for EVA Junior Fellow 2011!

Apply for EVA Junior Fellows network by 28th of February 2011! EVA selects 25 Junior Fellows every year for a period of two years. EVA Junior Fellows are talented international students, researchers or young professionals. The main event of the fellowship is a yearly two-day-seminar which takes place in Helsinki in August. The seminar provides the Junior Fellows a possibility to exchange ideas with Finnish business leaders and experts from different sectors.

EVA Junior Fellows Network for international students, researchers and young graduates was launched in 2003. The aim of the network is to build partnerships between young talents and the Finnish business community.

We search for 18-28 year-old young people with

Talent: Students, researchers and young professionals with exceptional resumes. Young opinionated people who like to discuss and debate.

International perspective on the world: International Finns residing abroad and non-Finns residing in Finland or abroad who have an interest in business, economics and/or social sciences.

Interest in the Finnish business community and society.
We offer:

A two-day seminar in Helsinki at the end of August in 2011. The seminar provides the participants a chance to learn more about Finnish corporations, society and culture – and to engage in discussions with other Junior Fellows as well as with top Finnish leaders.

An active and international network of young talented people. The Junior Fellows network consists of already over 170 people from all around the world.

A possibility to contribute to EVA’s activities e.g. by exchanging ideas and writing articles to EVA’s website.
Please fill the application by 28th of February: Junior Fellows Application Form

Application announcement can be found here.

You can read more about EVA Junior Fellows here.