EVA Junior Fellows

EVA Junior Fellows are young and talented students, researchers or young professionals. They operate in the fields related to EVA´s interests such as business, economics, social sciences and international relations. Approximately half of the Junior Fellows are international Finns who study or have just graduated from abroad while the second half consists of talented foreigners who have a special interest in Finland.

The Junior Fellows program aims to maintain and enhance the relationship between Junior Fellows and Finnish society. Main event is the annual autumn meeting in Helsinki where Junior Fellows have a possibility to exchange ideas with Finnish business leaders and experts from different sectors. Co-operation between EVA and its Junior Fellows, however, continues also after the meeting. Discussion and exchange of views are an essential part of the network´s soul. EVA encourages Junior Fellows to write articles and in-depth analyses for EVA´s website and occasionally, Junior Fellows contribute to EVA´s publications. Thus, the international Junior Fellows network provides a forum for bright young people to acquire contacts and to discuss with Finnish business, political, media and opinion leaders as well as among themselves.

It is possible to apply for Junior Fellowship throughout the year. Each year, 20 Junior Fellows are selected for a two-year term.

Application form: Junior Fellows Application Form



16 May 2011


EVA has selected this year 26 EVA Junior Fellows from 13 different countries. The Junior Fellows are exceptionally talented students and young professionals with an international perspective on the world and strong interest in the Finnish business community and society.

EVA received nearly 300 applications to the EVA Junior Fellows Program. The standard of the applications was outstanding and the competition was tough.

All the selected Junior Fellows are exceptionally talented and have an interesting international background.

The list of the new 2011 Junior Fellows: Junior Fellows 2011

EVA’s  Junior Fellows 2010: JuniorFellows_2010

EVA Junior Fellows gathered together in Helsinki on 26.-27.8.2010. The seminar “Sustainable Finland” was hosted by Fortum. The programme of the 2010 seminar: JF2010programme

EVA’s Junior Fellows 2009: JuniorFellows_2009


Eva Junior Fellows gathered together in Helsinki in a seminar hosted by Fazer on 27.-28.8.2009. The theme of this years seminar was “Placing Finland on a Global Map”. The programme of the 2009 seminar: JF_programme

EVA’s Junior Fellows 2008: JuniorFellows_2008

The EVA Junior Fellows Annual Meeting brought together 30 talented students, graduates and researchers from 11 different countries on 28-29 August. The seminar was hosted by Stora Enso. The programme of the 2008 seminar: JF_programme

EVA’s Junior Fellows 2007: JuniorFellows_2007

EVA Junior Fellows gathered for the fifth time in Helsinki on August 30-September 1. The three-day seminar was hosted by Paulig, and attended by 50 current or former Junior Fellows from over 20 different countries . The Junior Fellows discussed different challenges facing Europe, including but not limited to top universities, family businesses and Europe’s digital future. The programme of the 2007 seminar: JF_programme

EVA’s Junior Fellows 2003-2006: Junior Fellows_ 2003-2006