Board Professionals conducted a survey on female leadership

The results reveal that the employment practises and general business culture are being considered quite equal. In many companies plans for equal treatment for both genders have been made but the implementation and monitoring are feeble. Many of employment practises have been realized but only in a few companies. The women already holding top positions have been given responsibility and possibilities to proceed. The major challenge for the future will be the low number of female applicants and women’s reluctance to apply for higher positions.

Mr Jaakko Rauramo urged the boards of the companies to promote the women’s career development. He stated that the main recommendaton of the EVA Report is that the board of directors should make a clear decision according to which the management should pay more attention to the women’s employment. After this the board should also monitor the implementation of this decision. So far only few boards have been doing like this.

Liite: 2570_Announcement_2010.pdf