Global Scenarios

In the scenario ”Comeback of the West” the world order functions under the leadership especially of the United States and Europe, but not on the West’s own terms.

In the scenario ”Chinese capitalism”, the focal point of the economy shifts to Asia and the Middle-Eastern countries.

In the scenario ”Battle of the blocs” the rise of economic nationalism and state capitalism triggers a battle between different economic regions.

In the scenario ”Stimulus and collapse” the attempts to stimulate the economy fail. The global economic order collapses and the world begins to drift without a clear leader.

The report is a toolbox that challenges its readers to reflect upon the preconditions and factors of success for Finland, Finnish companies and employees. The report offers preliminary ideas on how the fulfillment of the scenarios would affect Finland and how we could prepare for possible changes in the operative environment.

The report can be downloaded from below.

Attachment: 2443_EVA_SCENARIOS_playing_fields_of_the_future.pdf