Same Roots, Different Leaves – Second Edition

Estonia and Finland are from the same family: the two nations are united by a national anthem, a national epic, a language, ideals and daily communications. History, however, has treated the countries very differently. A second edition of Prof. Seppo Zetterberg’s report was published at EVA SYMPOSIUM in August 2006.

In this report, Professor Seppo Zetterberg, a respected expert and researcher of Finnish and Estonian history, presents fresh viewpoints on the most significant turning points in the relations between the two countries and on the surprising differences between Finland and Estonia that spring forth from them. He indicates that there has never been a golden age in the history of Estonia and Finland. During many periods there has been little contact between the two and, in many cases, relations can be characterised as having been cool. Fraternal squabbling has also been a part of things. The report helps us understand the different choices of Finland and Estonia in the past, present and future. At the same time, it creates a basis for the favourable development of relations, now that both countries are members of the European Union. This report is in Finnish.

Attachment: 1663_samaa_sukua_eri_maata.pdf