Finland to EU’s Vanguard – New Challenges in Europe-policy

The European Union is in a critical stage during Finland’s EU-Presidency in 2006. Finland should be prepared to tackle great challenges and to have proposals for practical solutions. EVA’s group of EU-experts proposes that in our Europe-policy we should focus on improving competitiveness, sharpening of EU’s international role as well as on more effective legislature and institutions.

EVA REPORT ”Finland to EU’s Vanguard – New Challenges in Europe-policy” consists of two parts: analysis written by Esko Antola and policy-recommendations presented by the Europe Group.

EVA gathered together a group of EU experts led by the Jean Monnet Professor Esko Antola of the University of Turku, to assess the future of the Union and identify Finland’s areas of focus and operating strategy during its presidency.

The group included the report’s author, Jean Monnet –professor Esko Antola, EVA’s Chairman Georg Ehrnrooth, Director General Leif Fagernäs (Confederation of Finnish Industries EK), Doctor Sirkka Hämäläinen, Doctor Risto E. J. Penttilä, Director Veli Sundbäck (Nokia) and Managing Director Matti Vuoria (Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company).

Professor Antola and EVA’s Europe Group are unanimous that Finland’s EU policy must focus on three areas: Europe’s competitiveness, the sharper profiling of its international role, and the strengthening of its executive powers. The promotion of good transatlantic relations should also be a part of Finland’s policy. Finland should position itself as a builder of the EU.

This report is in Finnish.

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