Roadmap to Finland’s Future Success

What is Finland like now – and how about in ten years’ time? Is Finland just skilful driftwood in the current of history or a worthy competitor, a declining regional outpost or actually a top-level expert on a global scale? This report will shake Finns into noticing that the world is once again changing. It claims that three major factors, globalisation, the retirement of the baby boomers and structural unemployment that has become permanent, require new policies and tough decisions.

Finland must now write – and realise – a new success story in the new circumstances in which it finds itself. This requires strong leaders to make bold decisions at public, private and political levels. The author, Editor-in-Chief Tapani Ruokanen points out that Finland possesses certain strengths in the ever-changing playing field of global competitiveness, and people must now dare to develop these strengths still further.

This EVA report, which is based on interviews with almost 60 decision-makers, draws up guidelines to help Finland rise again. Change should not be considered an enemy but a friend, a valuable opportunity for reform. Throughout history, Finns have steeled themselves in times of crisis. This ability to change is still one of Finland’s strengths, as it journeys towards a Society of Opportunities that supports its citizens and a Society of Pioneers that attracts business.

The report can be downloaded in Finnish from our Finnish website. Please find below an extensive summary in English.

Attachment: 909_SummaryRoadmap.pdf