VIRTUE and the market economy

The success of societies is based on their moral integrity. Companies will not go far if they compromise on honesty. Working life is part of a good life.

The connection between the economy and ethics looks obvious. For some reason, however, the economy has been something of a `bête noire’ for philosophers. It is either actively forgotten or is seen as a fundamentally immoral activity.

The ethics of virtue is an integral part of these questions. It concentrates on man’s qualities, how man is with his virtues and vices. This book aims to identify the capacity of economic actors to engage in virtuous activity, the significance of greed and envy. From where does European ethical-economic thinking originate? Why is entrepreneurship fading away in a Protestant Nordic region that believes in rules and standards? Why does working life not dare to trust in the ability of working communities to develop?

The authors of the report are a group of renowned historians, economists, philosophers, theologians, and business leaders. The articles were written as a joint project between the Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA and the Anders Chydenius Foundation. This report is in Finnish.

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