After the convention comes what?

A convention considering the future reform of the European Union concluded its work in the summer of 2003. The reform of the Union’s system of decision-making stimulated much discussion as soon as the convention began, and in the end it proved a difficult task to achieve. It is to be expected that difficulties will continue in intergovernmental conferences, where final decisions are made. The decision-making system of the Union cannot be completed all at once, and discussion about changing it will continue.

This report looks beyond conventions and intergovernmental conferences. The report examines the reasons for the strengthening of supranational democracy, and presents three models of how Union decision-making could be developed. It is also important to understand the basic alternatives of supranational democracy in Finland, as they are needed to enable the assessment of individual proposals for reforming the EU.

The development of Finland’s international operating environment is one of the focuses of EVA’s activities. This report continues EVA’s series of articles on Europe, which began in the 1980’s. The report is in Finnish.

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